Chef Patissier 小住 匡彦 Masahiko Ozumi


パリのル・ゴルドン・ブルー、ベルエ・コンセイユで洋菓子を勉強し、パリ市内の有名パティスリー、ショコラトリーを経て、26才でベストオブパリ受賞のParis「A Lacroix patisserie」でスーシェフを経験する。その後、弱冠28才でParisの五つ星「palece hotel」でスーシェフを任せられる。

日本に帰国後は、大阪に3件のブティックを持つ「Kent house plus」の2代目シェフ就任中に、セカンドブランドとして「Masahiko Ozumi Paris」を立ち上げる。


小住 匡彦の画像

After graduating from Kansai University with a degree in architecture, he moved to France by himself at the age of 22 where obtained French and English from Sorbonne University in Paris and Golters Green College in London.

After studying confectionery at Le Gordon Bleu and Belle et Conseil in Paris, he worked at famous patisseries and chocolateries in Paris before becoming sous chef at A Lacroix patisserie in Paris, which won the Best of Paris award at the age of 26. Later, at the age of 28, he was appointed sous chef at the five-star "Palece Hotel" in Paris.

After returning to Japan, he launched "Masahiko Ozumi Paris" as his second brand while he was the second chef of "Kent house plus", which has three boutiques in Osaka.

Zabuton Mont Blanc will be the focus of attention at the Hankyu Cake Show held at the Hankyu Department Store Umeda in 2019 and 2021, and at the Chocolate Expo in 2021 and 2022.



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